Backwash Process

Use the same process your filter housing manufacturer recommends for sand!

Backwashing process for Pools/Spas and Water Features

  1. Expect your pressure to drop significantly upon installation as FilterBalls produce very
    little backpressure—less than 1 PSI
  2. Record the starting PSI, backwash when the PSI increases by 5-7 PSI.
  3. Expect to backwash much less frequently FilterBalls hold over 20X the amount of dirt as
    sand before it reaches the pressure increase by 5-7 PSI requiring backwashing. Typical
    residential pools backwash monthly.
  4. When you backwash, don’t expect to see a puff of dirt in the site glass as you see with
    sand. The dirt release occurs evenly during backwash
  5. Recommended duration of back wash is 2 to 3 minutes
  6. Expect some dirt or large particles to remain in the media, the media is just doing its
  7. After backwashing, your pressure gauge should return to the original pressure.
  8. Over extended time, if your starting pressure after backwashing is not decreasing, it
    means the FilterBalls are no longer release dirt. It is time to clean or replace them.