CleanTech Water Filtration Has Arrived!

Message from our President

Let’s face it; water is quickly becoming our most precious and scarce resource. Yet the methods we use to treat, recycle, and clarify water have hardly changed; sand is still the dominant filter media used throughout the world and has been since the 1800s. Filter sand is a natural and depleting resource, it is extremely heavy and expensive to transport and is quickly becoming recognized as a health hazard responsible for an emerging lung disease called silicosis. We needed a better solution.

The world’s first CleanTech water filter media has arrived.  FilterBalls is a fully recyclable filter media that outperforms sand while eliminating the need to mine and transport sand. Filter sand is not beach sand. Filter sand has angular edges, while beach sand is smooth.  Filter sand is no longer useful when the edges become even slightly smooth.

FilterBalls biggest benefit for most users is it’s lighter weight. Weighing approximately one pound per cubic foot, anyone can transport and maintain their pool or commercial filter system without potential back sprain or risk of lung disease. What’s more, the proprietary product is designed to improve the filtration qualities of your water systems such as water clarity, reduced energy consumption, reduced workload and a cleaner system for your expensive pumps. Considering the cost of the filter media, pump energy consumption, reduced maintenance time, and the benefit of extended life on your pumps, FilterBalls not only costs less, it pays for itself.  When combined with with a multispeed pump, your investment is returned in the first few months of use.

FilterBalls products include Blὒ, Green, Sanž and Minis and are engineered to meet the needs of residential pool, commercial, food and beverage, and industrial water treatment applications.  FilterBalls are available in 5, 10, and 15-micron ratings, providing superior filtration to sand which is rated at 30 microns or higher. There is no need to buy specialized equipment to use FilterBalls; FilterBalls is designed for use in most all filter housings that use sand as a filter media.

While FilterBalls is new to the market, it has been tested in some of the most demanding and sensitive systems from Kahalari Resort Waterparks to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium & Petting Zoo and Foss Swim Schools. Currently thousands of residential pools are using the product while enjoying the benefits of faster and clearer filtration.  Industrial and agricultural businesses are using FilterBalls in high volume wastewater and portable treatment systems.  And, now that FilterBalls are certified to NSF/ANSI standards, hotels, resorts, and waterparks are also using FilterBalls.

When you think about your time, energy savings, health risks, costs, performance, and environmental benefits, FilterBalls is the hands-down winner. FilterBalls products are available from your water treatment distributor, pool supplier, or contact FilterBalls Inc. directly through our website for contact information.


Kirk S. Morris – President