Made in the USA

FilterBalls™ are manufactured in Waukegan, Illinois using recyclable materials completely sourced in the USA.  We are a growing business dedicated to supporting our veterans within our workforce.

Beware of Rip Offs

We all know stories about consumers getting ripped off by imported Chinese products made with stolen intellectual property and dumped for sale in the United States illegally. Unsuspecting consumers may buy the products not knowing that the products were sold illegally and may not perform as marketed.

 Be aware that fiber ball filtration manufacturers are under attack by a Chinese competitor that has stolen intellectual property from US based companies including FilterBalls. These are copies of patented products made by a US based manufacturers; some are designed for use in industrial and municipal up-flow filter systems.  The Chinese products may not backwash properly in sand filters typically used for pools.

 If you are looking for fiber media for your sand filter, be comforted to know that only FilterBalls is the proprietary fiber ball filter media made in the US specifically designed for superior filtration and backwashing performance in sand filtration systems. You will get all the benefits you are looking for and save money.