Engineering Test Results

FilterBalls™ were tested in an independent laboratory for particulate size removal and flux rate changes.  Testing procedure performed with various flux rates using a calibrated test dust of 3 micron nominal

FilterBalls Testing ImageFilterBalls™ are a 5 micron nominal (98% removal at 5 micron) media designed for replacement of sand or other multi-medias in back washable filter media vessels.

Test skid was equipped with 3/4hp vfd motor, Qty (2) 55 gal drums with test slurry and powered blending mixer(s).
A 3 micron nominal test dust was introduced to the slurry and blended for 20 mins.

Samples were taken on both the clean (inlet) and dirty (outlet) sides of the filter vessel every 30 mins until 2,000 gals were processed. Data was recorded for: Flux Rate, Temperature, volume and turbidity.

The results of this test are shown below for the Flux rates of 10 gpm and 20 gpm per square foot of media. Flux Rate of 10 gpm; 3 micron test dust.


FilterBalls Test