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I love Sanz!
I was ready to fill in my pool. I couldn’t keep it clear. Over the years I tried cartridges, DE, and then sand. “This one is better”, “This one will work”. They didn’t.
I read about Filter Balls but the stories didn’t add up. It sounded like a lot of money that would be another failure. I was totally discouraged and really did want to fill in my beautiful pool. I had nothing else to lose so I took a chance. I am very glad that I did and I am totally grateful for Sanz. My pool was crystal clear all summer, ALL summer. It was no work at all. I even removed the skimmer socks I used to minimize filth into my filter. I had to clean those socks every single day.
Switching to Sanz was the most productive thing I ever did for this pool. I am 62 and did not think that I had the strength to keep maintaining my pool everyday, but now it requires only a fraction of the work I used to do, yet is far cleaner. I even left it for a week uncared for but when I returned it was still sparkling clear. I back washed my Filter Balls only twice all season.
I chose Sanz because we have a lot of pollen that was too small for the sand to filter and I wanted the smallest filtration to eliminate it all from my water. It did! I am grateful. I blessed you all, every day for giving me back my pool.
I have attached before and after photos. Kind Regards, CD


Sample Benchmark: FilterBalls Blü vs #20 filter sand with a two speed pump.

FilterBalls reduced energy use by 74 percent, the residential pool owner will SAVE $110 per month

  • Residential Pool Media Benchmark;
  • 29,000 gallon Pool, Carvin L250; 350 pound sand filter.
  • 2 speed / 1.5HP pump
  • Just 3 lightweight bags of FilterBalls replaced
  • Qty (6) 50 pound bags of sand




  • FilterBalls running at 1750 RPM
  • 2.2 PSI with 32 GPM on just 147 watts of power
  • 46,000 gallons / day = to greater than 5 turns /day
  • Monthly Electric Bill = $15.88!





Location: Hurst, TX
System: Carvin L250 with Waterway two-speed pump; 1- ½” PVC pipe
Pool: Above Ground; 18,536 gallons
Problem(s): “Pool not clearing; spending ~100’s of dollars in chemicals every week”.
“Lots of fine silt in the air from nearby land development”
Solution: Slow the pump to the lower speed, change filter media from Blὒ to Sanž

“I think we fixed my problem! Thank you so much for taking time to confirm my research/decision to run pump on low. And I learned a lot more about pool hydraulics from you too. I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced better customer service! Thank you!” ~ pool owner – Hurst, TX

“1 week (with daily rain) with correct amt of Sanz filter balls… water is crystal clear! Unbelievable!! If you could understand how freakin’ frustrating and expensive this pool was for me this summer, you’d understand the depth of my satisfaction and gratitude!

Thanks again!! “ ~ pool owner – Hurst, TX



“FilterBalls is way way way better” … John Foss, owner, Foss Swim Schools



While surfing the internet for a new product to improve the performance of my in ground swimming pool filtering system, I came upon a product that totally intrigued me…FilterBalls!

I reviewed the product information on their website including an inspiring YouTube video of a woman changing over her sand filter to the FilterBalls. It definitely looked do-a-able. This is just what my system needed.

After two months of using FilterBalls, I couldn’t be happier. The look and feel of my water is absolutely beautiful. But the best part is that I am using ¼ of the chemicals. For the first time in years, I feel released of the pressure of daily checking pool water chemical balance. With FilterBalls, I can enjoy my pool again.

Tracy Foyle, Hawaii