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I have been in the pool industry since 1984, in that time, the pool industry has seen lots of visionary innovation. VS pumps are great, LED lights are cool Auto covers are the best safety innovation yet, and we all appreciate the automation systems and automatic pool cleaning.

Recently, I came across a new product that literally is blowing my mind to the point that I look around and say “why didn’t I think of that.”

At first, I was a bit skeptical, to the point of It wont work, and as always never hesitant to “experiment” with my own pool. I thought, “Why not?” instead of trying on my customer’s pools and making me look like an idiot I would try them on my own.

After digging a little deeper though I found some pretty impressive claims by

  1. It’s going to be easier and less work the next time I open up a filter.
  2. 100x lighter than sand filter media
  3. Just one pound of FilterBalls replaces 100 pounds of sand.
  4. Eliminate hauling and disposal of hundreds of pounds of sand and FilterBalls go right into the recycling bin.

It improved circulation and filtration, with lower filter pressure and higher flow rate.

Picks up smaller particulates than sand (10 to 15 microns)

Like any pool savvy pool builder, I tracked down as many reviews on FilterBalls as possible on the internet. I found stellar reviews and a few of reviews that made no since. FilterBalls coming out of the backwash hose after backwashing?  FilterBalls flying through the plumbing through the jets into the pool didn’t really make sense to me. From the most logical stand point, FilterBalls are much larger than grains of sand. They are slightly bigger than a golf ball. To those reviews I would like to see that simply because it can not unless you are have parts broken or not installed correctly in your filter.

So the results: 

  • I have installed these on my pool and absolutely love them. Better flow with lower speeds on my pump and allowing the solar to work on lower speed on my Pentair intelliflo pump. And even lower electric consumption filter psi of 2 at 700 RPM flowing same gpm as 1000 RPM
  • I placed the FilterBalls in a willing customer indoor pool and so far he has no complaints

These have made me a believer in the FilterBalls! And the Customer Service people at FilterBalls Inc. are top notch!

FilterBalls Team,  

I posted this review of your product, you are welcome to use it anytime!

Thank you 
Retail Pool Store in VA