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FilterBalls Blu™ (Single Pack) - Two Bag Min. (no filter housings require only one bag)

FilterBalls Blu™ (Single Pack) - Two Bag Min. (no filter housings require only one bag)

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 FilterBalls Blu™ are packed in 1 cubic feet bags, approximately equal to 100 lbs of sand. 

Note: there are no housings that require only one bag of FilterBalls Blu™.

  • CleanTech Water Filter Media -15 Micron - 100% MADE IN THE USA, Easy to Install as compared to 45 Micron Sand
  • FILTERBALLS BLU WATER FILTER - The go-to filter for pool applications. At 15 microns, FilterBalls Blü is superior when compared to sand media with just 20-35 micron filtration. By using Blü, organic material such as pollens can now be removed, improving your water quality for clear results. Perfect for Swimming Pool, Spa, Water Parks, and Residential Commercial.
  • Filter Media for Above or In-Ground Pools, Replacement for Sand, Zeolite, and Mystic White one (1) Cubic Foot Bag equal (2) 50Lbs bag of filter sand
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - FilterBalls are 100% recyclable. You may recycle your FilterBalls every 3 to 5 years. Reduction in operating pressure means less energy usage. Create less strain on your pumps and system. CleanTech refers to any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities.
  • SAFETY STANDARDS - Health and Safety Standards for the pool industry and commercial food and beverage processing are set by the National Safety Foundation (NSF) and certified by independent laboratories like Underwriter Laboratories. FilterBalls meet the highest standards set for filter media. FilterBalls media is certified for health and safety in pools and potable water to the stringent NSF standards, 50, 42, 61, and 372


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